Backing up a restic repo with restic

Before Crashplan decided they didn’t want my custom/money, I used to back files up to a server on the local network via rsync and then run a nightly backup to Crashplan.

I was considering something along the same lines now that I’m using restic with B2, but wondered what would happen if I tried to create (and backup to) a local repo and then try and backup that repo to B2 via restic?

Would that work? What are the implications? Or am I better off using something else, such as rsync, for the initial backup and restic just to go to B2?

I would have to assume using rsync to maintain a local mirror and then using restic to backup that mirror would be simpler. The nested approach would make it very difficult to use the fuse mount to verify you are backing up the right data. And it would require multiple passwords to access.

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This is what I do, works very well:

  • Restic to back up locally
  • Rclone to sync the backup to B2

Then I can restore directly from B2 if needed, since restic has a B2 backend.