B2 Bucket Restore to new Host

First off Awesome product, it saved me hours of config today. Had a cron job backing up all my docker info, and a year later after writing that script it worked and was able to pick the snapshot and restore it!

So to my question. I have two Linux machines, one arch, one debain. Restic installed on both, and both can access the B2 Bucket. But I want to test restoring to a different host. Neither install can see each others snapshots, they both can list snapshots taken on that system but I want to restore the file from one machine to another. Trying to be prepared for the day I have to restore and the whole system is down.

My google foo isn’t find me and answer, I might be asking the wrong question but this seems like it should be pretty straight forward.

Account ID, Key, Bucket name are copy pasted, no chance for a typo.

Thanks for any input.

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host 1

[root@arch-unraid]: /cron># restic -r b2:unraid-foo snapshots
repository a91afae2 opened successfully, password is correct
ID        Date                 Host         Tags        Directory
7bde1e5b  2018-07-03 04:10:20  arch-unraid              /mnt/appdata/sonarr
dab83af1  2018-07-04 04:10:04  arch-unraid              /mnt/appdata/sonarr
16bc8674  2018-07-05 04:08:26  arch-unraid              /mnt/appdata/sonar

host 2

root@debian:/home/rob# restic -r b2:unraid-foo snapshots
ID        Date                 Host        Tags        Directory
63a15c7c  2019-04-11 21:09:35  debian.plex.kubik.pw              /home/rob/test

If you look in the B2 bucket using the B2 web interface, how many files are in the “snapshots” directory? What does restic check say on either/both machines?

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A shot in the dark: alias restic="restic --host $(hostname)" maybe?