Article and script about Restic and snapshotting

Hello everybody. First of all, thank you for restic. I’ve been using it for a while and find it’s a very good tool. What I’m waiting for now is compression, and I know it’s on the way.
I’ve written an article (in Italian) on my blog about Borg and Restic and I’ve posted my scripts, using dattobd for snapshotting the file system. As some days ago I’ve read here a topic about snapshotting file systems before backup, I think it may be useful even if it’s in Italian only (bash scripts are universal :slight_smile: )
The link is:
Have a nice day!

Cool, thanks for letting us know (and thanks for the kind words)!

Thank you for this excellent piece of software. I hope that compression will be coming soon, now that the new archiver code is here :slight_smile: