A small question about new "--tag" syntax

Hi again :wave:

Since I’m using master as close as possible, one of the recent commits turned out to be backwards-incompatible.

Now if we give --tag tag1 --tag tag2 while getting a backup, restic ignores previous switches and only applies last given tag.

Just want to ask if this was expected or not? Because help switch after the change says:

add tags for the new snapshot in the format `tag[,tag,...]` (can be specified multiple times) (default [])

for --tag switch, which is a bit confusing. I can only specify multiple tags, not the --tag switch multiple times.


I think you found a bug, thanks a lot! If the --tag option is used multiple times, restic should create a new snapshot with the union of all tags.

Can you please create an issue on GitHub? That helps us tracking this bug.

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