A restic client written in rust

@Eli6 I have already answered the lines of code question here. Currently, rustic is at about 8.500 lines of code.

About contributors, see


TL;DR: restic has 2-4 core developers, rustic so far only me. BTW: I’m looking forward to getting more people involved in rustic :wink:

Interesting that you got to implement it in about 10% of the Go code. I thought Rust is lower level and should take more code than Go for the same functionality.

In my experience the opposite is the case: Rust allows a much higher level of abstraction than Go does. This results in shorter and “cleaner” code. A good example is the error handling, which in Go is something like:

x, err :=  a.func()
if err != nil {
   return err

y, err := x.func2()
if err != nil {
   return err

while in Rust it reads:

let y = a.func()?.func2()?;
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I’m happy to announce rustic 0.4.0

New features worth mentioning are:

  • backup option --as-path allows to overwrite the path which is saved in a snapshot
  • Snapshots are extended by label, a description and “created by program”
  • labels allow to group snapshots (and to define parent snapshots for backup) additional to hosts and paths
  • diff now allows to compare dirs in snapshots with local dirs
  • New command repair. rustic repair index is basically the equivalent to restic rebuild-index wheras rustic repair snapshots does what you can only do with restic by compiling Add repair command by aawsome · Pull Request #2876 · restic/restic · GitHub. Note that rustic binaries are available if you need that command to repair a restic repo.

For more information or questions/discussions about this rustic release, please visit rustic 0.4.0 · Discussion #306 · rustic-rs/rustic · GitHub

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