A million times faster?

I’ve been using Restic 0.9.6 since Jan 2020 to backup 3.5TB from a Windows 2019 Standard Server to Minio running under FreeNAS. The two servers are connected with gigabit ethernet. The backup normally runs 3 hours and 45 minutes however on occasion it will run double that. All good.

Over the weekend I simply replaced restic.exe (0.9.6) with restic.exe (0.12.0) and last night the backup completed in 12 minutes!

Does this make sense?

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As you didn’t display the output of your commands, I can only speculate.

Maybe your parent detection didn’t work with 0.9.6 and is now fixed?
Maybe your restic started swapping your PC and the memory usage improvements in 0.12.0 stopped this?
Another reason could be that your current backup run simply didn’t need to save as many new blobs as the last ones did…

Thanks for your reply. It seems 0.12.0 has many improvements over 0.9.6 I should have upgraded sooner. While not a million it is at least 18 times faster on my daily backup. The prune and check commands are running faster too.