Features and Ideas

Mirror Snapshots from One Backend to Another (11)
Waiting for Lock (3)
List snapshot dates without password? (7)
Restic including cache by default - good or bad? (8)
Using a database in cache to reduce memory consumption? (2)
Improve restic - help offered (6)
Preview list of files to backup (2)
Feature Request: Amalgamated restore? (6)
Feature to create incomplete snapshots (6)
Feature Request: Detached Encryption Key (7)
Control the minimal pack files size (6)
FUSE file system for (read-only) mounting a backup (5)
Make restic mount message configurable (5)
Annoying restic error (7)
Create a basic roadmap or project status page? (10)
Encryption configurable? (3)
Two-step prune? (2)