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Infinite retention for deleted files (15)
Repository password encryption (4)
Backup from FTP as source (3)
Support multiple time format in --time option (6)
Web UI for Restic ( 2 ) (27)
Restic Design update? (2)
Gitignore style excludes (1)
Lock/unlock repository for non-restic needs? (8)
Automated `init` (2)
Restore include and exclude are mutually exclusive (8)
Read password from gnome keyring (7)
--group-by option for snapshots command (15)
Group files by age - Like a generational garbage collector (4)
Restoring files directly into a single compressed archive (7)
Per-file version history (11)
Snap Package Testing, Notifications, etc (6)
Sticky & hidden snapshots (5)
Tahoe-lafs backend (3)
Windows file / folders ownership and permissions (3)
Restic-related things to exclude from backups (7)
Priority ordering of exclude and include files (3)
Restic mount windows (2)
Backuping mail store: could restic be for me? (11)
Deterministic output of `restic check` to know what to do next? (3)
Backend for the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) (5)
Useful exclude patterns (3)
Append-only mode with S3 (Wasabi) (3)
New feature: HTTP reporting for backup+restore, CLI reporting for restore (1)
Ignore file management (3)